• Dr. Frank G. Simon, M.D.

Jesus DVD

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

We have a very popular DVD on the life of Jesus that you can give to friends and family!

We have a DVD on the life of Jesus, distributed by Inspirational Films and Christ for All Peoples. It is available in many languages, and we can send you one for free.

The DVD is one of the most widely distributed films in history. If you would like to request a free Jesus DVD, just write to us or call us at the number listed below.

Mailing Address: American Family Association of Kentucky (or AFA of KY) PO Box 8089 Louisville, KY 40257-8089

Phone: (502) 893-2444.

Variety of Languages of Jesus DVD

The Jesus DVD comes in a variety of languages.

Arabic Bengali Bosnian Cantonese English Farsi (Persian) (Iranian) French Gujarati Hausa Hindi (Indian) Indonesian Japanese Kurdish, both Sorani and Behdini Mandarin Chinese Portuguese Punjabi, both Indian and Western Russian Somali Spanish (Latin American) Turkish Urdu Vietnamese

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